Frequently Asked Questions

• Registration

You will login through a quick registration process on PropReader.com. Click on the link "Login / Register" at TOP. Now pick the correct registration form and display it. Note that approved PropReader.com owners will take advantage of membership benefits such as Listing your property and adding your specifications etc.
Registration is absolutely FREE on PropReader.com! Join now and take advantage of exclusive membership benefits open for people, brokers / agents, builders / promoters, etc.
You can use the following steps to retrieve your password:
  1. Click on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page.
  2. Provide your Email (with which you registered)
  3. PropReader.com can give you OTP via Email. To create a new password for your account, enter this OTP in the Enter OTP box mentioned in the form.
Please follow the steps below to update your account:
  1. Login to the section called "My Dashboard".
  2. Click on the button "Edit Profile" in the chapter "My Account".
  3. Modify your profile, modify the details you want.
  4. Save the updates now by clicking on the key "Edit".
  5. Your new profile will be immediately activated.

• Search

No,To find properties, you can use the search option without registering with PropReader.com.
• We offer the following search tool methods:
  1. Search Property: this search allows you to quickly find properties based on purchase form (buy / rent), property size, place (town) and budget & apps.
  2. Sell / Rent / PG search: This search allows you to find the Sell / Rent / Paying Guest you have chosen in particular.
  3. Type / SubType quest: This query helps you to check the Type(Residential / Commercial) and SubType(Independent House / Villa / ETC) chosen by you in particular.
  4. Property search by Location: This search helps you find properties with types of properties that you prefer to buy / rent in a specific location. We've assembled an exhaustive list of locations spanning major cities and sub-cities. We are continuing to update this list to better serve you.
  5. Price Search: This search helps you find specific price level assets.
• By default on search result page.
"No result Found Please Select another Search filed..!" is displayed when there are no properties listed on PropReader.com matching your search criteria.

• Add your Property

Please click on the "Post Property Ad" link on the home page and enter the details of your member, property type, location of the property, property details, land mark, property images with property specifications. After validation of the data, your property listing becomes visible to PropReader.com users. List validation is usually completed within 24 hours. Your property data should meet potential buyers after confirmation and will be listed on our city site.
The property listing on PropReader.com will be successful and available to free users for a total of 90 days and will be based on Package on the search results website for paid members. This will ensure maximum exposure and responses to your estate. We will provide you with an intimation until your listing expires and after this point the listing will not be accessible on the search results page or city.
It's absolutely FREE to list your property on PropReader.com. For FREE you can post multiple listings of property. This is a time-limited free offer, though.
Properties submitted by each user undergo a validation process and details is reviewed before the page shows the property listing / photographs. The verification phase normally takes 24 hours after the property listing appears on the results page of the quest.
  1. Goto “My Dashboard”.
  2. Click On “Managed My Ads”.
  3. Click on “Edit Property”.
  1. .After signing in, click on "Feedback" page
  2. Here you can bring your Complaint to PropReader.com or any feedback.

• Post your Requirement

If you couldn't locate the property that suits your needs or you don't like any of the properties that fit the criterion then the PropReader.com team advises “Post your request". Through phone, we will give you notifications of assets that suit your needs.
• To post your request and get feedback on matching assets, please follow these easy steps:
  1. Fill out the form on the Index Page in the Post Your Requirement Form.
  2. Provide your requirement details by filling in this section with a simple form.
  3. Remember to fill in the contact details that will receive the answers.
It's absolutely FREE to post your requirement on PropReader.com. Multiple property requirements can be posted FREE.
All matching properties to your requirements will be automatically sent to your e-mail id.

• Advertising Solutions

On PropReader.com, marketing with us has been designed to help you meet a broad audience cost-effectively. We provide customized solutions to fit client or corporate requirements, Broker / Agent, Builder / Promoter, relevant to selling property as product listing, or create banners or free telephone call facilities on PropReader.com to advertise the business.

• How customers can protect themselves shopping online

Payment by credit cards on our websites is absolutely safe. Our transaction gateway, empowered with SSL Technology, receives 128 Bit Encryption credit card information. This is the easiest and most reliable way to shop digitally. In fact, our websites contain Zero Range for Hacking credit card information as we do not carry these details with us.
You will search the little' Lock' button at the bottom of your web browser anytime you transfer to online purchases. This symbol means that while transmitting the same information over the internet, the personal information will be kept confidential and secured by secure encryption. Alternatively, by moving your cursor to the web page and right-clicking the mouse button and selecting' Properties' from the menu, you can also check this. And now, if the web address begins with "https" where an 's' denotes a secure web server, online purchases are safe.
Generally online purchases allow shopper to' check in' before putting or displaying an order. Shoppers are required to fill in a username and password and continue with it. Shoppers should not share anybody's password. When selecting any password, information such as date of birth, maiden name or phone number should be avoided. The password selected on a specific site should be different from the passwords on the other site. Maintaining alpha-numeric password with at least 8 letters in it is always suggested.
Shoppers should receive a confirmation page after an online purchase that reviews their entire order. The confirmation page should include order costs, customer information, and product information and confirmation number.
It is suggested to keep a hard copy / soft copy of the Web Page that describes the details of the ordered item(s) along with the company name, postal address, phone number, and legal terms and return policy. Store a minimum period of such records with you covering return / warranty policy.
In general, the merchants will email the shoppers with a confirmation message. All email, including any other e-mail communications with the client, must be stored or written.

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