Housing Society Roles and Responsibilities

Housing Society Roles and Responsibilities

Housing Society Roles and Responsibilities

Housing relates together to houses or buildings; people's accommodation; an authority's planning. Members of the Committee play an important role in creating a housing community, polls are available for the election of chairman/president, secretary and treasurer, who is superior and decision-maker, and positions are allocated for three by the committee.  Most governments have one or more housing authority, also called a ministry of housing, or department of housing.


1.      CHAIRMAN

Chairman is the head and leader of a cooperative housing society's management committee. Chairman is also called President.

Responsibilities of CHAIRMAN

Must represent the Society.

Include guidance and committee oversight.

Should ensure that all social roles are effectively managed.

He / she will keep an eye on the Society's full function.

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Will regularly plan social events to maintain good relationships with members. 

Should be responsible for organizing meetings in society.

The Chairman has the ultimate decision-making authority.

The Chairman shall be entitled to exercise any of the powers of the Management Committee in the event of an emergency. 

If the Chairman resigns or removes from office by approving a vote of no interest by SGM / AGM, then it is assumed that all MC members have resigned or removed from office.  Society then chooses a new MC.

In the event of an emergency, the Chairman must assume all other (other than his) duties that lay with the Management Committee.



Secretary is the Society's functional officer. He is a Planner, Organizer, Executing and Controlling activities of the Society.

Responsibilities of SECRETARY

Arrangement of time and place to review documents 

Grant corporate information certificates  

Should support adjudicator  

Acceptance of quotes and tenders for planned major work 

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Audit reports

Insurance arrangements 

Seal documents with corporate seal  

Call committee meetings 

Send meeting notices 

Prepare meeting notices and agenda 

Advise owners of committee decisions

Creates and distributes the agenda for general meetings

Maintains all other correspondence files, documents etc.

To deal with application of resignation of Membership.

To place complaints application with facts before the committee.



A treasurer is the elected officer of a housing society who is responsible for financial and legal enforcement, assets and liabilities and whose primary job is to properly administer and monitor the financial transactions / enterprises of a society.

Responsibilities of TREASURER

Providing and keeping accurate records of all corporate financial transactions.

Arrange and submit tax notices to lot owners and it is the treasurer's responsibility to take action to recover that sum if there are pending levy payments.

Records must be provided for any audit that may be required and, of course, for the management of any loans or earnings that may be produced outside Lot owners levy payments.



Residents of apartment are either apartment owners or tenants.

Responsibilities of RESIDENTS

A resident must follow the rules defined at a meeting of the general body or management committee.

A resident has to provide the registrar or society with the necessary information and documentation.

A resident must follow the association's rules.

A resident should make sure that the common areas are kept clean.

Maintain good relationship with their society members.


Responsibilities of TENANTS

A tenant should obey the association's rules and regulations.

To use the common facilities, a tenant would pay the maintenance charges on a regular basis. 

A tenant should maintain that rent and maintenance charges are paid on time.

A tenant has to keep the common areas clean.

Tenants are responsible for their visitors ' conduct. 

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