Must know the formula for property buyer

Must know the formula for property buyer

Formula to buy best properties in market

You can compare two or more properties using following points:


In real estate and lodging, an amenity is something considered to benefit a property and thereby increase its value. For Example, Conference facilities, Reliable, fast Wi-Fi, Easy access to parking and transportation, Dining options, Fully equipped fitness centers, Outdoor space, Eco-friendly options, etc

2.Builder Reputation:

Check the Builder Reputation in Market

3.Connectivity to Shops/Schools/Hospital:

Check how many Schools/Shops/Hospitals are near from property location.

4.Connectivity to office by Rail:

Check nearest Railway station from property location to your office.

5.Connectivity to office by Road:

Check Highway or Road Link from property location to your office.

6.Construction Age/Quality:

Check the age of property and also check construction quality.

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7.Inside Air and Light:

The level of natural light in your rooms can really affect your mood. Those blessed rays, filled with sunlight and vitamin D make you feel positive. So, it's natural that bright rooms make us feel happier, more alive and vibrant. Indoor air quality can affect how we feel and how we work.

8.Interior of House/Flat:

Interior commonly refers to the inside of something. When house hunting you might find that the outside of the house is run down, but the interior rooms beautifully renovated.


Check the area where property located.

10.Possesion Time:

Possession is all about control: if you have possession of something, you own it, or have your hands on it. ... If your house keys are in your possession, you know where they are. In soccer being in possession means having control of the ball; in hockey, it's having your stick on the puck.

11.Price as Per Budget:

Make sure that your properties price in not high as compare to your budget.

12.Rent Potential:

Potential rental income is the total amount of rental income for a property if it were 100 percent leased at competitive market rates. As an example calculation, if a property is 30,000 square and the market rent is Rs12/sf, then its potential rental income is Rs360,000.

13.Resale Potential:

A home’s resale Potential/value is the amount it is expected to sell for at some point in the future. Many things, including any improvements made to the property and the overall age and condition of the home, can affect the resale value.

14.Scope for future developments:

check if property has any scope for future developments.

15.Water availability:

Check property has 24X7 water availability or not.

Points Property 1 Property 2 Property 3 Property 4 Property 5
1.Amenities Good[2] Good[2] Average[1] Good[2] Good[2]
2.Builder Reputation Average[1] Bad[0] Good[2] Bad[0] Good[2]
3.Connectivity to Shops/Schools/Hospital Bad[0] Average[1] Good[2] Bad[0] Average[1]
4.Connectivity to office by Rail Average[1] Good[2] Average[1] Bad[0] Average[1]
5.Connectivity to office by Road Average[1] Average[1] Bad[0] Bad[0] Good[2]
6.Construction Age/Quality Bad[0] Good[2] Good[2] Good[2] Good[2]
7.Inside Air and Light Bad[0] Good[2] Bad[0] Average[1] Average[1]
8.Interior of House/Flat Average[1] Average[1] Average[1] Good[2] Average[1]
9.Locality Good[2] Average[1] Good[2] Good[2] Good[2]
10.Possesion Time Average[1] Bad[0] Good[2] Good[2] Average[1]
11.Price as Per Budget Average[1] Bad[0] Good[2] Good[2] Good[2]
12.Rent Potential Average[1] Average[1] Average[1] Average[1] Bad[0]
13.Resale Potential Bad[0] Good[2] Bad[0] Average[1] Bad[0]
14.Scope for future developments Bad[0] Good[2] Good[2] Average[1] Good[2]
15.Water availability Good[2] Good[2] Average[1] Bad[0] Good[2]
Total 13 19 19 16 21
Percentage(%) (13÷30)X100
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The property which has maximum Percentage is Best Property. In this case Property 5 has maximum number of percentage so Property 5 is Best Property.

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