How to verify property documents

How to verify property documents

How to verify property documents

Buying an estate can be an exhausting financial and emotional experience. Therefore, it is extremely important to insure that all legal intricacies are completely unambiguous so that in the future there will be no legal headache. The intricacies to be held in mind are: the buyer's legal due diligence on the property & an investigation into the seller's willingness to pay; purchase and earnest money agreement; execution of selling deed; ownership, registration and completion of payment.

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When the documents are obtained, the lawyers must search all property-related documentation to verify the seller's title and rights. The documentation will also be checked to ensure that the records have been registered and that correct stamp duties have been paid.

Documents Required
  1. Conveyance Deed
  2. Sale Deed
  3. Agreement to Sale
  4. GPA/Power of Attorney
  5. Will(if any)
  6. Relinquishment Deed
  7. Partition Deed
  8. Freehold/ Mutation Details
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